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Hi, my name is

Matt Browning

and I get ideas started

Who am I?

I am a founder, director, marketer, author and technical solver. I love telling stories and people seek me out for my ideas. 

I like to focus on projects that either create solutions for social problems, empower people, or help businesses succeed.

The following organisations are ventures that I’m currently involved with: 

Founder & Director

A co-working space in the heart of the Rotorua CBD to put Rotorua on the map for digital and tech industries, encourage collaboration, and increase jobs in the region by pitching collectively.

Founder & Director

An app and website package that pulls information from newsletters, Facebook and Eventfinda so that people can have one place to find out what is happening and to make the best of living in Rotorua.

Founder & Trustee

A social enterprise to tackle youth unemployment. Shake Up is a food caravan selling smoothies, bagels, soups and coffee to provide practical work experience and mentoring for young people, while remaining self sufficient financially. 


A social club for Rotorua young professionals that has grown to 500+ members in four months. It is deliberately not the Chamber of Commerce or a TedX-style gathering, and now has sponsors eager to find out how to be involved with this demographic.



Founder & Director

Created an online portal for gifts that are less than $10 from around New Zealand. Featured in print and radio media and received 20,000+ unique visitors in three weeks. Approached by three investors to create a larger version scale of the concept, expected to launch in 2017. 

First Tracks

Founder & Director

Built relationships in Western Canada to influence the way ski resort employment is handled online. Created a repository that allowed 13 ski resorts to complete the hiring process online and 500+ candidates to apply for multiple jobs

Ponui Youth Camp


Organised an annual youth development camp on a private island, including assembling a team of 30+ leaders, planning speakers and logistics for 80 teenagers, and putting in place a senior leadership team to keep continuity of the culture & lessons learned

Silver Star Mountain Resort

Sales Agent & IT Contractor

Sold accommodation in the Holidays division. Worked for 3 months before becoming the ‘Power User’ and then IT contractor to provide solutions for the department.


Brand Manager

Complete responsibility for the P&L for the Scotch-Brite, Scotchgard and 3M Lint brands & products. Short-listed for the 2009 Marketing Enterprise Award for a campaign that exceeded forecast and targets.


Materials Control Analyst

Responsible for supply chain logistics for the Consumer & Office department. Became the Materials Control ‘Super User’ after 10 months, joined the Operations Managers Advising Panel for high-level business and departmental planning, and won the 3M Platinum Award for innovative initiatives that benefit internal / external customers.

University of Auckland

Technical Support Manager

Provided technical support in the Information Commons computer laboratory, becoming manager and sole charge after 6 months.


Contact me

I always love meeting people and collaborating on projects. Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways, or via the following contact form. I’d love to hear from you.

022 1649 275


Ashanti Branch

Ashanti Branch is a legend. I want to steal everything he says and claim it as my own. He not only knows a good way of bringing change and positivity into high schools, he is actively making it happen.

This interview with him sums up his attitude and approach, even though the interviewer can seem to interferes with gaining a complete picture of his vision.

His perception that men don’t know how to behave or define the outlook on life is so insightful and needs to be listened across multiple sectors in society. 

“You end up with a village of youth raising the youth … they believe that if they have a moustache and they’re tall and they’re strong and they can get really really angry then that qualifies them as a man.” – Ashanti Branch

Tony McClean

Tony McClean was a teacher, and my mentor. He got caught in the Mangetepopo River Tragedy, when he and 6 high school students died when rising flood waters swept them over a dam. He was a strong swimmer and an eager surfer, and would have easily made it out alive – but instead tied a student who had cerebal palsy on his back, knowing that the student wouldn’t have made it out on his own.

Of course, this was an act of heroism that the country applauded, but he was in fact a hero much earlier than this. He recognised every single person as someone with value, knew their names, and so often had nicknames for them. He was one of the best people for noticing people on the fringes, and for creating a welcoming and inclusive culture for every single person. He taught me so much about living and valuing all people, no matter who they are. 

Jim Mora

Jim Mora is a radio presenter, running a show on National Radio called The Panel – where he gets people on to discuss the matters of the day. Sounds simple? Sure. But he does it with such intelligence and reverence for his guests. He’s always aware of what is going on, informed about matters from multiple angles, and facilitates in one of the most terrific ways one could hope for: with humility, and respect.

There is never any judgement or condescension, even though he might know more than the people he’s talking to. He comes across as humble but also very genuine. If the world was filled with more Jim Moras there’d be very little wrong with it, and if they listened to his show they’d find source for respect.


Shad K is a rapper.

But don’t let that fool you. He is a poet, an activist, a campaigner for a better world.

His lyrics are witty and creative, often filled with issues that matter – and such a contrast to what we have come to know from his industry. I have met him on a couple of occasions and he is incredibly humble and genuine, never promoting the copious amount of talent that lies within. Plus this article about the Canadian music awards is well on point.

Justin Duckworth

Justin Duckworth is a barefooted, dreadlocked, local hero. He and his wife set up Urban Vision as they started to have conversations and investigate the life they felt called to in downtown Wellington.

The book written by he and his wife is outstanding – almost a must-read – and details not only the attitude and vision they have for embracing those on the margins, but also the lessons they learned from trying to establish something that is counter-cultural. There are many people who would thank the Duckworths, but unfortunately might never get the spotlight to do so.


Over the years many people have inspired me and passed on inspiration through TED.

Some of these speakers have been pivotal in shaping how I view the world and make decisions, and so I thought it was only right to pass them on myself. If you are new to TED then I am really excited for you and what you’re about to discover, and if you’re well familiar with TED then I’d love to hear what talks have inspired or encouraged you.